How Important Are Macronutrients for Muscle Building?

We the general people may deem macronutrients as health boosters, but for bodybuilders, the definition of them is different.

They see them as energy boosters, muscle preservers and nutrients that support them heal at a speedy pace.

Macronutrients for Muscle Building

No wonder- their survival without feeding themselves with the needed level of macronutrients is next to impossible.

And so, paying special emphasis to these is more than a need for them!


Be it bodybuilders or anyone off the athletic field, macronutrients are essential for our body to run and function smoothly.

Contrary to micronutrients, we need macronutrients in higher quantity.

Here is what these are all about:

Macronutrients Micronutrients
Protein. Minerals.
Carbs. Vitamins.

These macronutrients serve us with calories which our body utilizes as energy, but for bodybuilders, these are more than just a source of energy.

Essentially, each of the macronutrients has a different contribution in the size enhancement process, for example:

1. Fats

The body needs fats for the very apparent reason- energy, but fats offer way more than that to those struggling hard in gym.

These macronutrients go a long way to generate hormones that support the engorgement of muscles.

Experts believe that essential fatty acids could further aid in the repairing of muscles which we know, essential for their growth.

2. Protein

The game heavily relies on protein.

It is in fact, the agent that facilitates your muscles to grow and build.

And not just this, bodybuilders also count protein for the maintenance of their muscles too.

Basically, the formation of muscle tissues call for amino acid that comes through protein in the body.

Though, any random protein-based food in whatsoever quantity is not what it takes to be jacked.

Mass gainers need to be particular with foods and go for the ones rich in protein.

3. Carbohydrates

The nutrient, be it simple or complex, equally benefits the muscle building process.

It is in fact, a pure source of energy trainers profoundly yearn in the gym.

Basically, energy is generated through glycogen which serves as an energy storage for us.

It is a form of carb which the body reserves for the times it may need the most.

This hoarding is done in the muscle tissue which is timely utilized when muscles undergo the stress of extreme and rigorous workouts.

Importantly, poor consumption of carbs could deprive one from energy and that is something mass gainers cannot afford at any point of their trainings.


Macronutrients foods are not difficult to attain.

But the only need is to be wise enough to pick what’s right.

You can easily get foods aimed for bodybuilders at your nearest stores but we have never preferred and recommended that to our readers.

Our preference had always been the unrefined foods which are good enough to serve you with your purpose, without letting your health suffer.

So here are the foods you can avail for carbs, proteins and fats:

  1. Carbohydrates: Fruits, whole grains and veggies.
    Note: If your aim is to pack on muscles- prefer complex carbs over simple. The former takes time to digest which makes it an extended source of energy supplier for your body.
  2. Protein: Poultry, fish and lean red meats.
    Note: When it comes to protein, we advise you to favor foods rich in biological value but poor in saturated fats.
  3. Fats: Seeds and nuts.
    Note: Pick the unsaturated ones, the ones that have essential fatty acids. There are three good things about these, one, the body seldom hoards them, two, they work as a useful energy supplier and three, they contributes in the production of hormones that support muscle growth.

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We expect that the significance of macronutrients are very well understood to our readers by now.

And in the end, remember few simple rules to succeed:

  • Never underestimate foods high in macronutrients for they will help you grow, repair and workout with an energy-filled body.
  • Choose the ratio as per your muscle building and body needs.
  • It’s better to prefer the unrefined foods for healthy bulking.

Rest assured- you will go a long way with these!

Matus Valent at first built up his physique and then a career as a fitness model. He is an athlete and an entrepreneur. His first love was volleyball and eventually, he moved on and started lifting weights.

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