Anavar Cycle: Best Weight Loss Steroids that Work [2020]


Anavar cycle duration depends on the results you are acquiring, for example, the 6-week cycle of Anavar is ideal for those candidates who are new in the bodybuilding field.

This is strictly about the anabolic steroids, which is not recommended for the lighthearted persons.

Anabolic steroids were created to overcome the most distressful health conditions known to a human being.

They come in various shapes and sizes, after many years since these anabolic steroids were developed many individuals especially men used it for other purposes.

Buy Anavar Cycle
Anavar Cycle

Looked like their effects are something they never saw before and this is how begun the “Steroid Abuse”!

Anavar is among those powerful steroids whose use is banned since decades but because of the intense nature of its formula, bodybuilders still use it.

Starting From – What Is Anavar?

The chemical name for Anavar is OXANDROLONE which was designed to minimize protein catabolism and promote weight gain.

The special thing about Anavar that it can be used by women for which it is seldom called “Girl’s Steroid”.

Anavar steroids

The chemical formula of Anavar was designed in late 1960 where more people suffered from Muscle Wasting Disease.

The condition is so severe that it targets to cut down the protein content of the body and leave them skinny like dead meat.

What Anavar was designed for is simple, to help them create more muscle tissues and strengthen them at the same time.

Then came the 80’s where this drug was viewed from another angle, a performance-enhancing drug that was used by thousands of athletes worldwide including women.

It was the last time anyone saw Anavar being sold legally because after that majority number of people had to face the dreadful ANAVAR SIDE EFFECTS.

What does Anavar Cycle do?

Anavar cycle is the prime focus for some bodybuilders who started with a slimmer body.

The purpose of Anavar cycle is to create an anabolic environment in your body after which you will experience the following results.

Anavar cutting cycle
Anavar for cutting cycle

Weight Gain- It’s not the accumulation of fat tissues but a simple enhancement in the appetite and muscle formation. Anavar in women increases their overall weight by preventing the muscular degeneration process. Extra sleek and slim women can get fast muscle fiber formation which supports their overall health.

Activated Protein Synthesis- Anavar exerts stronger effects in stimulating the process of protein synthesis in men and women. As a result, vivid muscle growth happens which makes your body appearance much attractive and bulky.

There is something special about protein synthesis, activation, the old, damaged muscle tissues will be replaced by the newer one which is much stronger, rigid and with less water content.

Nitrogen Retention is very much essential for muscle growth where it repairs the damaged ones and adds an extreme form of strength. For an ideal ripped muscle, the availability of Nitric Oxide provides sustainable power.

Muscle Recovery- Men and women after a workout usually feels pain which is due to muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue occurs when your body is not getting an equal amount of nutrients and that makes them weak and unable to take the maximum load.  Anavar speed up the muscle recovery process which allows your muscles to get in shape right after a heavy workout.

Fat Loss- Fat loss with Anavar is achieved through metabolism boost which is amongst the key factors for weight loss. When the basic metabolic rate is enhanced, your body will consume the extra calorie deposit as energy since and burn the remaining fat.

Usually, the vigor in your workout defines how many weights you are going to lose which in case of Anavar is quite advanced.

How to Perform the Anavar Cycle?

Men and women who are thinking to start a steroid cycle, there are reasons why Anavar may be the safest way to begin.

Anavar only Cycle
Anavar Cycle

For starters, the side effects of Anavar are way much less intense than Deca Durabolin or Dianabol.

But still, it has got the issue of side effects occurrence.

The ideal Anavar cycle is done by taking oral capsules of Anavar, which has 50-80 mg of the content.

Anavar cycle duration depends on the results you are acquiring, for example, the 6-week cycle of Anavar is ideal for those candidates who are new in the bodybuilding field.

50 mg Anavar dosage is for the marked fat burning whereas if you are wishing to create bulky mass, using Anavar for 6 weeks in 80mg of the dose is recommended.

Anavar Dosage – According to Body Size

The dosage of Anavar is divided into 3 parts that are according to the physique of an individual.

  • Small sized person- 50 mg of Anavar for 6 weeks (this applied for women too)
  • An average sized person may take 50 mg of Anavar for 6 and 80mg for 8 weeks
  • Large sized person or professional bodybuilder with experience: 80mg for 8 weeks

Anavar for Women – Why Anavar Suits Women?

For female bodybuilders and athletes, using steroids, other than Anavar is significantly dangerous because of the androgenic effects.

Anavar cycle for women
Anavar for women

Anavar is best for female bodybuilders as it has low androgenic activity, plus it has a less aromatization ratio.

Steroids with high androgenic effects pose dangerous to females’ health by developing masculine features in their body.

Here, virilization and enlarged clitoris are the main side effects by the use of anabolic steroids like Dianabol.

Even the excessive use of Anavar is dangerous for females as it causes hair growth on the chest with a man-like deep voice.

To which the dosage of Anavar in women is relatively lower than its for men.

Anavar Dosage for Women

Females who are experienced in the bodybuilding field and know the effects of steroid can use 20mg of Oxandrolone for 4-5 weeks.

This may be dangerous if the dosage is not tapered down upon the revelation of any symptoms.

However, the safe dose of Anavar for women is 5-10 mg for 5 weeks, which may be enough to develop a significant amount of muscle mass.

Anavar Side Effects Truth About Anavar

It is important to know about Anavar side effects because that’s how you stay safe from its overdose.

side effects of Anavar Cycle
Anavar Side Effects

Here are the potential side effects are known to cause by the Anavar use.

1) Testosterone Deficiency

Unlike the anabolic steroids, Anavar does not coverts the testosterone into estrogen, but it surely suppresses the production of normal testosterone in men. Long term use of Anavar is associated with decreased and flabby muscle mass, loss of libido and excessive weight gain.

2) Liver Toxicity

Anavar is available in an oral form which demands to be passed through first path metabolism. Hepatic metabolism is an integral part of every drug which also defines how much pressure does it going to put on the liver. In the case of Anavar, it greatly affects the liver cells, which is why it is not recommended in higher doses.

The end result of Anavar cycle is Liver cancer or liver cirrhosis which in other word is also cancer.

3) Hypertension

Anavar has a tendency to increase the energy level in a person who does not come very easily. It takes significant vasoconstriction effects for a person to perform like a beast at the gym. Frequent vasoconstriction affects the blood vessels and increases overall body’s blood pressure, which is not good for the vital organs such as heart, liver, and kidney.

Moreover, the frequency of acne formation, gynecomastia, and water retention is lesser with Anavar than it happens in other forms of steroids use.

Legal Anavar Pills

As mentioned above, Anavar is a synthetic formula which has nothing to do with safety.

The compound is meant to create anabolic effects which in long term harms you no matter what.

Currently, if you are willing to pay this price you can get from Anavar from the underground black market to which we cannot assure the quality and safety of the product.

But if you want to think about the legal options, there are few such as Anvarol.

Anvarol – Legal Alternative of Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anvarol is the product by Crazy Bulk which claims to be the legal steroid.

Legal Anvarol steroids

This is because they utilize the natural ingredients which are nothing but plant extract.

The protein source you are going to get from Anvarol is the natural ones which carry 0 negative outcomes.

The online testimonials from thousands of people are endorsing the effects of Anvarol, especially the one who had a bad history with Anavar cycle.

Conclusion – Is it worth to perform Anavar Cycle?

It takes the sacrifice of your vital organs to be buff and energetic with Anavar cycle.

Sure it can provide your lean mass with no sign of fat, but would it matter after getting hospitalized?

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