The Importance Of Warming Up Before Your Workout

Performing a proper warm up after every single workout may prevent you from any injury.

Moreover, without performing the warm-up, you cannot take an advantage from most of your workouts.

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Warming up for workout
Warm up before proper workout

The warming up before engaging any type of strenuous activity has physiological as well as psychological benefits.

In many forums, I have seen many cases that are based on an injury from the workout.

There are a lot of individuals who tried many methods of workout training, nutrition or supplements strategies but, still facing bodybuilding obstacles such as injury and hard to gaining muscle mass.

I have experienced, there are many bodybuilders or normal individuals skipped proper warm-up technique during the performance of their workout.

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There are many factors that you should consider during your workout training methods.

The Warm-Up is one of the most crucial topics in a bodybuilding. The importance of warm-up is more as compared to other workout methods.

 The overall article is based on the importance of warming up before your workout.

Always remember warm up procedure, no matter what huge is your fitness goals. Try to squeeze out the workout in your busy schedule.

What Do You Understand From Warm-Up?

Warm up is one of the crucial parts of an exercise program or a building that can help you to prevent from an injury. 

Warm Up Video

This warm-up is usually based on the low-level activity that is most important before the stretching and other exercises.

The warm-up activity can actually raise the body temperature and remove toxins to prepare yourself for the best activity.

This period actually helps to prepare the entire body including the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system for improving the demands of the more intensive activity.

The main goal of the warm-up is reduce the fatigue, improved flow of blood, and prepare a central nervous system for the lifting of the more heavier weight and intense training.

If you lift the heavy weight and feeling fatigue means you are really destroying the purpose of warm-up.

For taking most of the warm-up advantage, you should have detailed knowledge of the Warm-up.

Benefits Of Warming Up Before Weight Training

The warming up process actually prepares your heart, lungs, and other parts of the organ to speed up the muscle growth.

There are many benefits of warming up before the workout training which is mentioned below:

  1. Allow you to lift more weight during your workout.
  2. Prevent from an injury
  3. The proper warm-up activity raises the body capacity to work.
  4. An accurate warm-up may help you to reduce the muscle soreness
  5. Boost up athletic performance
  6. Improved efficiency of muscles
  7. Overcome potential for the muscle pull
  8.  Speed up the reaction time
  9.  Improved speed of movement for muscle, ligaments, and tendons
  10.  Control central gravity
  11. Improved spatial awareness
  12.   Improved coordination and the normal patterns movement
  13.  Develop ability for proper running
  14.  Prepare the whole body for an activity of the sports and training session

Take care of your heart health is important and make the heart healthy for performing different kinds of functions.

Both stretching and the warm-up exercises for around 5 to 10 minutes may improve the heart rate and pumping as well.

The circulation of blood is more essential for improving the muscle work and make tendons or ligaments more flexible.

The proper circulation results in a proper circulation of nutrients in all over the body.

The proper workout can improve the mood and prepare your body from the workout.

If you perform it correctly so, it can reduce the injury. The athletes more suffer from the soft tissues injury that leads to inability.

Athletes prevent their self from an injury by doing the stretches workout.

Types of Warm-up

Warm Up exercises types
Types of Warm Up

Generally, some of the most common warm-ups are mentioned below;

  • General Warm Up:

The main purpose of the general warm up is to increase the functional ability of the body.

The specific workout basically targets the relation between the upcoming movements and the workout as well.

  • Sports Specific:

The sports specific warm-up is generally comprised of low-intensity movements and those exercises that involved the body parts for performing the activity.

The General Warm-up has more priority because it raises the internal temperature of the body, improved circulation of the blood, and to raise the both general and muscle temperatures to heat up the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in order to prepare for lifting of heavyweight a well as prevent building of unwanted waste product that usually result in muscle soreness.

During performing the warm-up, if you are feeling sweat means you are elevating the temperature. 

The warm up relaxes the muscle more quickly and reduces the risk of over-stretching and causes an injury.

The overall body temperature increases and improves the elasticity to enhance the speed and strength as well.

 It dilates the blood flow to reduced stress from the heart. 

The warm-up increases the capacity of your joints, shoulders, and knees to maximize the potential.

The body tends to produce more production of hormones such as the cortisol ad epinephrine as well.

The other benefit is that, warm-up is good for clear the mind from toxicity, increased focus, and reviewing the skills and energy.

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Thus, the positive energy may relax you and improved the concentration for a competition.

  • Passive Warm Up:

One of the benefits of passive warm up is to increase the core temperature and circulation of tissues and muscles.

Raise in temperature allow the muscles and other kinds of soft tissues to be less stiffed and more for the workout.

It involves any type of specific activity such as jogging, bike, walking, and lunges.  The time period is around 5-10 minutes.

  • Active Warm Up:

The active warm up usually increases the performance during the workout. It provides better neural condition as well.

The low intensity of exercises is better for stimulating the neural response.

Begin workout intensity from a lower 15%, then 25%, and then move up to 50%.

How Can You Perform Warm Up Before The Weight Training Workout?

Cardio Pump workout
Cardio Pump Exercise

There are two main important things should consider such as:

  1. Cardiovascular pump
  2. Resistance training component

Cardiovascular Pump:

The very first part of the warm up has consisted of almost 5-10 minutes of the cardiovascular exercises.

You should do the light training cardiovascular sessions.

The cardiovascular sessions serve the following purposes such as,

  1. Improved joint health
  2. Improved core body temperature
  3. Improved cardiovascular rate

The type of cardiovascular is totally depended upon you such as the treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine, and jogging.

During the light cardio warm up, you are preparing yourself for the high-intensity workouts.

Once you have completed the cardio warm-up, the time is for the full body warm up.

  • Resistance Training Warm Up:

The resistance training warm-up consisted of at least 5 sets of warm up.

 For example, if you were aiming to perform the 5 sets so, your first exercise was the barbell bench press.

The resistance warms is begin with a light weight that is combined with lowering the resistance.

Use a lightweight during the warm-up sets.

How Much Weight Should You Lift During A Warm Up Set?

Different peoples have a different time period of the warm up as some prefer after 15-20 reps after their exercise.

While others do not care about warming up exercise.

The Warming up exercise is based on your fitness goals and how much your target is.

It is difficult to suggest or recommend any specific intensity of the warm-up for every person but, somehow you can get the idea.

  • According to some studies, increases approximately one or two Fahrenheit may be adequate.
  • The duration and intensity of warm-up completely depend upon the environmental temperatures, type of workout, and the clothes you worn. If more the environmental temperature and clothing is more, so the desired temperature of the body should be attained.

The rest time period should ranges from few minutes to seconds. The 15 minutes are more suitable and have a beneficial effect on warm-up.

  • The general warm-up for around 5-10 minutes is sufficient to prepare you more strenuous workout.
  • Warming up yourself by the beginning of cycling, running, and low-intensity cycling.

The athletes need the warm-up before doing any high-intensity workouts.

However, athletes with a low fitness level tend to produce the minimum result during a workout.

Increasing the intensity for 30 to 60 seconds sets ranges with a long term interval for high-intensity segment.

Some of the athletes found that they need more warm-up time to begin their workout.

Here, I have mentioned the simple formula that how many repetitions you should perform during 5-6 warm up sets.

Through researching, you can find the complete detail of how much you perform, targeted the weight, and the repetitions.

In my point of view, a simple 15 minute warm up is necessary for each workout.

  • Set 1, target weight 50%, repetitions 10
  • Set 2, target weight 60%, repetitions 6
  • Set 3, target weight 70%, repetitions 4
  • Set 4, target weight 80, repetitions 3
  • Set 5, target weight 90, repetitions 1

Performing these warm up techniques, make your muscle good and allow you to perform many sets.

Make Sure, There Is A Difference Between The Stretch And Warm-Up: 

There are many individuals who have confused about the warming up and the stretching.

 Stretching is another most part of the workout and has a lot of beneficial effects. 

Different peoples have questioned whether stretching performs first or the warm-up?

If you perform the warming up before stretching so, the muscles are cold and more chances of an injury. 

The stretching actually focuses on the cool down process when we are trying the body for strenuous activity.

You must do warm up for the cardiovascular pumping and increased the flow of blood before doing the stretching.

Some Additional Tips For Warming-Up:

Warming Up Exercises
Warming Up Exercises

The workouts have different intensity and the length as well. According to your desire, do a great warm-up that suits you.

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  • According to ACSM, keep your warm up time short around 5 to 10 minutes before performing the rigorous activity.
  • If you want to do the brisk walk so, the brisk walking is including running and the jogging. There are many exercises that are involved in a lot of aerobic activities and small movements such as yoga, Pilates, cat-cow sequences, pelvic tilts, and neck rolls.
  • As much as possible, avoid the static stretches that keep you in only one position.
  • The dynamic stretching allows you to move through different ranges of motion.
  • The main key is not held any one of the position during your workout.
  • The static stretches are considered as the best when your muscles have done all of the piable.
  • According to research on the sports psychology, the mental focus automatically improves the performance even, if you are not an athlete or a bodybuilder

If you are looking for improving the fitness health so, it is advised to take doctors or any instructor advice.

You can take the expert advice and easily discuss your workout plan.

They will help you to achieve the effective and achievable goals.


We have looked in detailed about warm-up, warm down is another important part that you should never neglect because after performing many workout it returns to the normal state. 

It is important return the body in original shape rather than quitting directly.

This help you to return your cardiovascular rate to a normal or resting level. While, this also reduce muscle soreness.


Skipping or quitting the warm up procedure is a huge mistake.

The warm up is very important that you should never be underestimated

The warm up between every workout can reduce the injury risk, lift up the more weight and maximize the ability of your workout.

This exercise only takes the 15 minutes to perform and the benefits are outweigh the costs. Finding the perfect warm up is an individual process that can be done through, practices, experience, and experimentation.

Try warming up with the different variations, experiments, and the experience as well.


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